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Investing FAQs

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. When a private company wants to first sells shares to raise capital from public investors, then the company offers an IPO in the Market.

IPO’s can be categorized into 2 types primarily based on the kind of offering made by the company: 1) New Offer and 2) Follow-on Offer

When the company launches an IPO for the first time is called “New offer”

If the company is already listed on the market and wants to raise more funds by selling additional shares, it launches a “Follow-on offer”

You can check you IPO allotement status on the IPO allotement date through thi link

You can Click on any 1 of the 3 links to view IPO Allotment Status
Then, Select your IPO from the dropdown
Then, Select “Application No” or “DPID/Client ID” or “PAN”
Then, Enter the number. For e.g. if you selcted “PAN” then enter your PAN number
Then, Enter captcha and click on the submit button.
Now, your IPO status will be displayed

Or you can visit this link –
Then, Select “PAN” “Application No” or “DP Client ID” or
Then, Select your IPO from the dropdown
Then, Enter the number. “PAN”,”Application No”, or “DP Client ID” whatever you selected above
Then, click on the search button.